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Welcome to my life blog

Posted on October 13, 2015 in Welcome

Hello my name is Shannon James. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while, but have been wondering what I should focus on. I have so many different activities that I participate in I really wanted a blog that focused on an aspect in my life that can inspire others. I play a lot of sports, but play volleyball on a competitive team. I am very big into exercise and nutrition as well.

I have lived in Columbus, Ohio my entire life. Growing up in Columbus was awesome. I did live in Athens, Ohio while I was in college. Ohio University has the best program for coaching education. When I was about 10 years old I decided that all I wanted to do was be a coach. I thought at the time that I wanted to be a coach for college aged children. However, I realized that getting a job with a university or college wasn’t an easy task so I decided to open my own soccer club here in Columbus It has been very successful and I have been able to touch many kids lives. I hope that through my leadership I am able to show these kids how important exercise and nutrition is. I also hope that I am able to teach them how amazing team work is and to be better individuals.

As for the team that I play on. I love my team. We actually have two teams. We have an all female team that competes on the state level. I compete on a national level with my partner. We have never won nationals, but we have made it to nationals four times. Being a coach I always tell my kids that winning is important, but not the most important thing. I have to tell myself that often. I have a very strong competitive spirit. Often I have to pull myself back when I am competing and tell myself that winning isn’t everything.

I am not married and have no children. However, I just started dating a medical examiner from Pennsylvania. He is so wonderful. I can definitely see a future with him. I often wonder just how serious he is, but he is not very good at sharing those emotions. I tend to believe that he is in love with me, but he hasn’t been able to say it yet. He is not into exercise, but he is very much into nutrition so we have that in common. Hopefully one day I can blog and let you all know he has confirmed he really is into me as much as I am into him.

I follow the Paleo Diet. There are many reasons why. I have always followed healthy nutrition due to my active lifestyle. However, in 2007 I became really ill and found out that I have Chron’s Disease. That was the most devastating moments of my life. I kept losing weight because I was so sick. I lost all of my muscle mass. I lost every bit of my energy. The doctors kept giving me expensive medicine after expensive medicine. None of them worked. I literally thought I was dying. Eventually I was given a medicine that cost $900 a month and I began feeling better, but I didn’t feel my best. In 2013 I met a woman who was bragging about being on the Paleo Diet and it helping her Chron’s disease. I began to research the diet. I followed It religiously and I have felt like my old self every since. The amazing thing is I am eating food that actually tastes great again.

I also collect Beanie Babies. It is really weird how this collection started. There was a charity auction in our town for a little boy who had cancer. My father took me to it because the boy and I were in the same middle school. I know my father didn’t have much to give, but he bought what they called a mystery box for twenty dollars. When we got home we opened the box and it had a lot of odds and ends. There were four beanie babies in there though. I thought I was told old for them, but my dad handed them to me and said, “I want you to take these beanie babies and remember that life isn’t always granted.” I felt silly taking those beanie babies. Then a year later my dad went to work and never came home. A drunk driver crashed into his car head on while he was driving to work. I felt like there was nothing to turn to. I had been a daddy’s girl my entire life. I put everything into my sports. My coach benched me though because he said I was playing angrily. He was right. I was. I felt like my life was falling apart. That’s when I started throwing things around my room having a complete breakdown. I picked up one of the beanie babies and heard my father’s voice. “Life isn’t always granted.” That was the moment where I decided I was going to be everything I could be. I haven’t went back to that dark place for a long time. I have had a beanie baby clip attached to my backpack since then. It’s a reminder for me. I also get all of my friends and soccer club beanie baby clips for Christmas to remind them of the same message. If you ever see my team you will see a bunch of adults with beanie baby clips in memory of my father in and reminder of living life to the fullest.

So as you see life wasn’t always peachy. I had my period of dark times, but I strive to be the best I can be. I want to influence my adult team as well as my soccer club to strive to be the best they can be as well. I really hope you love my blog. I have a wealth of information about so many things and so many amazing life experiences. I hope I can inspire you and see the wonderful you.