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Posted on October 23, 2015 in Training

I want to explain my training regime today. I understand that a lot of people think that I have a huge metabolism and I run around all day eating whatever I want without ever gaining an ounce. That is soooo far from the truth. I mean seriously, looking at a cheeseburger makes me gain weight. I have to work and train really hard to be able to be a coach and to be on my volleyball team.

I wake up every morning and go for a two mile run. As a soccer coach I expect my kids to run up and down the field so I am going to run it with them. I want to lead them not manage them so therefore I feel it is pertinent for me to be in just as good of shape. I always eat a really great breakfast. I make sure that I have plenty of protein and a fiber to keep me feeling full. I often will have a smoothie too or take it with me. I love drinking homemade vegetable and fruit juice that I make in my Ninja. A lot of people tease me about my love of my blender, but the Ninja is awesome. Everyone needs one. I think owning a Ninja makes you actually stay in shape because you are always trying something new. That’s my story anyway.

After my morning run I go to the gym. I alternate between carido and weights every other day. The main reason is I alternate is because I burn out easily. There have been times when I do a lot of the same exercises daily and I get demotivated and don’t want to work out. Secretly I think I burn out quicker than anyone in the world. So that’s why I like to switch up my work outs.

I then head over to my favorite coffee shop. People don’t realize how awesome caffeine is at boosting your metabolism. I love keeping my metabolism boosted. It helps me keep my energy going to both my soccer teams and my volleyball training.

After I have my awesome cup of coffee I head to the field to get everything set up for practice. I have three teams that I coach right now. So I do a lot of running up and down the field. I love it though. I love watching the kids running around everywhere. Their smiles after practice is what keeps me going everyday. There are some days when I think it is too much work and I get really overwhelmed with all the crazy soccer moms, but the kids keep me going. The soccer moms are sometimes pretty wild though. I have a team of five and six year olds and the other day one of the kids moms emailed me and said that I wasn’t playing her kid enough. She said that he wasn’t ever going to reach his full potential if I kept over looking him. This is a message for mother’s out there who have emailed their kid’s soccer coaches the same thing. Your kid is still young. I’m not overlooking them. None of us coaches are specifically overlooking your child on purpose.

After soccer practice I head over to my own volleyball team’s practice. We start by lapping the gym a couple of times, the we play hard. We practice spikes and passes. Sometimes we like to try fancy tricks to psych the other team out. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t work out. It takes a lot of effort to be a good volleyball team. You have to have excellent team work. Not having good teamwork is basically the best way to be the worst volleyball team in the world. The great thing about our volleyball practice is it is very cathartic. Hanging out with all my teammates and just letting go of all my stress on that ball is so stress relieving. We gossip a lot of course. Sometimes we hit the ball and yell out our ex’s names because that’s just a good way to get them out of our lives. I remember the first time I ever played volleyball my gym teacher told me that I should imagine someone I hated when I hit the ball. I imagined him and it worked great. He was a terrible gym teacher honestly. He would make fun of the way girls ran. I hated that. I took all my frustration with him out on that volleyball. Maybe that’s how I got so hooked.

After volleyball practice I do another two mile run before I head home. Then I go home and take a nice hot shower. After showering I have a nice dinner full of protein and carbs. Healthy carbs though. I don’t want to eat the ones that promote fat. I only eat the ones that enable muscle gain. After I eat I do yoga. I don’t really do yoga for fitness, although it is a very healthy activity, but it is more for my mental health. I have a lot of stress and anxiety that I need to get rid of. I used to not do anything to manage my stress and I started gaining weight. I found out that stress actually causes you to gain weight and prevents you from losing it. So I feel that doing some very peaceful yoga is important to be able to keep myself at optimal health.

So that’s my training regime. It probably seems like a long neurotic day. Maybe it is. I mean I do everything I can to keep myself at my very best. I feel like I owe it to my teammates and my soccer club to be at my best fitness. I can’t be a role model if I don’t practice what I preach. If I tell my kids they need to be ready to run up and down the field then I need to be to. I can’t expect my teammates to carry my weaknesses because I haven’t taken care of myself. I hope you all have a great day.

Shannon xx