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Introduction to Columbus

Posted on October 11, 2015 in Colombus OH

Hello everyone! Shannon here. I just got done with a run around Columbus and I thought that maybe I should give everyone an introduction to how awesome my city is. We don’t get a ton of tourist here because I think a lot of people do not realize how awesome Columbus is. So I want to introduce you to my favorite places in Columbus.

First off, I love spending time in the amazing Franklin Park Conservatory. This is a beautiful botanical garden that has some of the greatest plants and fauna that you will ever see. Normally in October they do a Scary Plants exhibit that I just love. I really love carnivorous plants. I think it is amazing how we think of roses when we think of beautiful flowers, but not me. I think of plants that eat flies and have big scary teeth. I guess that is the adventurer in me. I remember watching cartoons as a kid and they would have these big plants that eat people. I so wanted those to be real. I’m glad that they aren’t now that I am older, but the love of carnivorous plants stays with me.

If you are visiting Columbus with your children then you have to check out our zoo and aquarium. It is so much fun. They have a lot of animal exhibits. However, my favorite are the polar bears. I’ve always loved polar bears. They also have an artic fox that is the cutest little animal that you will ever see. If you love animals you will definitely want to visit. They have some of the greatest exhibits, like the American Bison, the Aruba Rattlesnake, and the Bornean sun Bear. I can’t even name all the animals I love there. They have so many!

If you love culture then you will love German Village. I could travel around eating in German Village all day. So if you come you need to try out Columbus Brewing Company and Restaurant and then head on over to Winans Chocolate and Coffees. I try to avoid Winans as much as possible because I am an addict. If you really want to have a fun time then you need to go to The Kitchen. It’s one of the participatory dining places where you get to act silly and eat. I love that, but sometimes I get a little shy. Don’t forget to visit some of the amazing shops in German Village either. My favorites are Hausfrau Haven and Schmidt’s Fudge Haus. Yes I have to avoid the Fudge Haus too, but I do meander over there occasionally for a sneak treat.

If you love art then you must visit the Wexner Center for the Arts. This museum is very affordable and has beautiful exhibits. You can also catch a performing arts show at the Wexner. I am excited because in November they are going to have Kneedelus: A Live Collaboration between Kneebody and Daedelus. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m talking about the most amazing postbop you’ve ever heard. Did I mention that Adam Benjamin is a total babe? Yes, I may be acting like a groupie, but oh well, he’s a total babe.

While it may seem morbid I really love visiting the Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery. There is a statue there that I love taking pictures of. Camp Chase was once a training camp for the Union Army. However, it eventually became a prison for prisoners of war. The mass amount of history at Camp Chase is amazing and I really love it.

If you love cartoons then you need to go to the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum. You can literally find information here on any cartoon from post war art to manga. I definitely recommend anyone who has any interest in cartoons. I love that I can go there and find information on both American and Japanese Manga.

We also have the Hoover Dam. Maybe it isn’t as massive as “the” Hoover Dam, but it is a very peaceful place to go. I love walking across the bridge and looking down over the water. There is something very peaceful and relaxing about water. I love going there and imaging how the land used to look before it was built. I bet it was one of the most beautiful places in all of Ohio. It still is very lovely though, but it is an amazing thought.
If you travel through the campus of The Ohio State University then you need to take a look at Mirror Lake. It is absolutely stunning. I like to go to campus for my morning runs sometimes. They have a special even every year called Light Up The Lake. It is absolutely beautiful. Definitely don’t miss the beauty of the campus and the lake.

When I want to get a lot of outdoor activity I visit Alum Creek State Park. Sometimes I go just to enjoy nature but sometimes I go paddle boating. If you’ve never been on a paddle boat then you definitely need to try it. I love the rush of being out on the water paddling along. This is also a great park to bike in. I love biking through the trees. Sometimes I wear a GoPro so I can film all of my amazing action. Of course that means that sometimes I crash and catch some funny film, but I am going to pretend like that part doesn’t exist.

I think that is a pretty decent introduction to my amazing city. You will love Columbus if you ever visit. It’s full of fun people, fun things to do, and great food. I tend to think that Columbus has a little bit something for everyone. Just don’t be like me and try out every single restaurant you see and then have to work out an extra hour for it. I’m kidding I don’t do that too often, maybe once a month or so. It’s hard with so many amazing places to eat. Will write more soon! xxShannon